Radiofrequency ablation of benign thyroid nodules: recommendations from the Asian Conference on Tumor Ablation Task Force

Ultrasonography 2021년 40권 1호 p.75 ~ p.82

하은주(Ha Eun-Ju) - Ajou University School of Medicine Department of Radiology
백정환(Baek Jung-Hwan) - University of Ulsan College of Medicine Asan Medical Center Department of Radiology
(Che Ying) - Dalian Medical University First Affiliated Hospital Department of Ultrasound
(Chou Yi-Hong) - Yuanpei University of Medical Technology Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Technology
(Fukunari Nobuhiro) - Showa University School of Medicine Northern Yokohama Hospital Department of Surgery
김지훈(Kim Ji-Hoon) - Seoul National University Hospital Department of Radiology
(Lin Wei-Chen) - Chang Gung University College of Medicine Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Department of Radiology
(My Le Thi) - Vinmec Times City International Hospital Department of Radiology
나동규(Na Dong-Gyu) - Gangneung Asan Hospital Department of Radiology
(Quek Lawrence Han Hwee) - Tan Tock Seng Hospital Department of Diagnostic Radiology
(Wu Ming-Hsun) - National Taiwan University Hospital Department of Surgery
(Yamakado Koichiro) - Hyogo College of Medicine Department of Radiology
(Zhou Jianhua) - Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center Department of Ultrasound


Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a thermal ablation technique widely used for the management of benign thyroid nodules. To date, five academic societies in various countries have reported clinical practice guidelines, opinion statements, or recommendations regarding the use of thyroid RFA. However, despite some similarities, there are also differences among the guidelines, and a consensus is required regarding safe and effective treatment in Asian countries. Therefore, a task force was organized by the guideline committee of the Asian Conference on Tumor Ablation with the goal of devising recommendations for the clinical use of thyroid RFA. The recommendations in this article are based on a comprehensive analysis of the current literature and the consensus opinion of the task force members.


Thyroid, Ultrasonography, Radiofrequency ablation, Guidelines
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RFA is a safe procedure when performed by experienced operators.The indications for additional RFA have not yet been fully defined. However, we recommend additional RFA in the following scenarios: marginal regrowth of the treated nodule (which is defined as nodule volume increase of ≥50% compared to the minimum recorded volume measured at a given follow-up time point), <50% VRR, and incomplete resolution (or relapse) of symptoms or cosmetic issues.
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